Love Poem

Skriven 30 maj 2000

My cherished one, art thou indeed,
aye, thou alone, shall I but need.
Thy rosy cheeks art very soft,
o happiness, to feel them oft!

Thy dearest face resembles so
a lovely animal I know:
With white and shiny shell it rests,
beneath the surface, upon the crests;
the crests whose shape the waves have formed,
with sandy hills the beach adorned.

Which creatures, then, thy beauty share?
Macoma balthica, that name they bear.
These molluscs that I have in mind
art not some clams of common kind,
nay, fine and smooth they art outside,
and there, within, they roses hide;
la! see, their cores in blushing pink,
much softer than the softest mink.

Thus know, my dear, beloved man,
that thou hast charms that truly can,
compete against all curious things,
with tails and noses, fins or wings;
all beings which among us dwell
- aye, thou alone can break their spell.


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2000 Jemima & Carl-Henrik Hammarlund. All rights reserved.