Pigeon Poem

Skriven 10 april 1998

Once upon a time there was
a little pigeon child,
when it grew up it loved to cross
the ocean big and wild.

Every time it flew away
it spent a day in France,
on the tower by Eiffel
it always cast a glance.

It also used to take a flight
to busy city life,
in London's streets it was all right
to search a pigeon wife.

Afterwards it always went
to the obvious place.
In Sweden it took room for rent
and lived there many days.

One day when the little bird
came home to USA,
it realized just how absurd
to live so far away.

It thought "Why don't I move my stuff
to the only place I know
where you can not stay long enough,
because it stunns you so?"

From the continent in west
the pigeon moved its things
to the country that was best
on eager pigeon wings.


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1998 Jemima & Carl-Henrik Hammarlund. All rights reserved.