Kalle Svensson Who Knew

Kalle Svensson (from Sweden of course) knew all people. At least he always said so to his workmates. He was very boastful.

One day he said: "I know the prime minister!"
Of course his friends didn't believe him, the prime minister lives in Stockholm, and Kalle lived in Gothenburg.
"Nah... you're kidding!" his friends said.
"No, I'm not! I can PROVE it!" said Kalle Svensson stubbornly. "I can call him, if you want!!" Believe it or not, Kalle actually DID call the prime minister, and they talked for hours!
No doubt they knew eachother.

Next day Kalle said to the others: "I know the king!"
"WHAT???" his workmates said. "Don't tell lies, of course you don't know the king! We can understand that you know the prime minister, but the king... no. No way."
"I can prove it", Kalle said. "The king is coming here next month. He's going to drive through the whole city, and hold a speech. I'll be there and change a few words with him afterwards."
The day arrived. After the king's speech Kalle went forward, said something to the guards, and walked towards the king.
"Hello Karl XVI Gustaf, nice to meet ya!" he said.
"Kalle!! Long time no see", the king smiled, and they shook hands. They talked for a while, but then the king had to go, so Kalle went back to his friends.
"Well?" he said, in a self-confident voice.

After this incident, Kalle boasted more than ever. One day he said to his workmates: "I know the pope!"
They didn't believe him, but he continued saying this all day, until his workmates were extremely tired of hearing him. Suddenly one of them got an idea.
"Guys!" he whispered. "I've got an idea! Why don't we offer Kalle a trip to Italy, to visit the pope. One of us goes with him. If Kalle can prove that he knows the pope, we'll pay for the trip; if not, HE has to pay for it!"
"Yeah, great idea! the others agreed."

A couple of days later they went away. They arrived to Rome, to the Vatican, and went to see the pope. It was really crowded, and they could see him high up on a balcony. He waved at the people.
Kalle went away, and after a while his friend saw him next to the waving man.
When Kalle said hello to the pope, something happened. His friend passed out down there!
"I'm so sorry Johannes Paulus... I have to go now!" He left the elder man and hurried away to his friend. When he got there, his friend just came round.
"What happened?" Kalle asked. "Is it so strange, that I know the pope?"
"No... it wasn't that...", the friend answered. "You see, when you talked to the pope, a sheik beside me said:
'Who is that waving man next to Kalle Svensson?'"

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