- What is small, green, lives 50 metres under ground and eats stones?
- The small, green stone-eater.

- What happends if you dig a hole straight through the earth, and drop a stone in it?
- The small, green stone-eater will eat it!

- What happens when you throw a blue towl into the Red sea?
- It gets wet!

- What's the penalty for bigamy?
- Two mothers-in-law.

An American came to Sweden, to visit his relatives. When he saw his relative's small farm he boasted:
- It takes me ONE WEEK to go round about my farm, BY CAR!!
- Yeah, I've had one of those cars too.

An Australian came to New York. He wasn't used to the heavy traffic, and almost got run over. A police shouted:
- Hey! Did you come here to die???
- No, yesterday!!

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