In a stall

Written December, 1998

Maybe snow is falling
outside the painted glass
Streets are turning bright white
while we sing the mass
I can't see what's happening,
I don't know what's going on at all
I am isolated in a stall

There are lots of changes
I don't know about
Everything is different
when they let me out
Sleepy congregation
staring at the virgin on the wall
I am isolated in a stall

What's happening to the people?
Doors are thick and keeping out their call
I am isolated in a stall

Singing lovely music,
"nice artistic chord"
This is more a concert
than worship of the Lord!
But it's my bounden duty
in the winter, in the summer, spring and fall
I am isolated in a stall

Fights among the clergy
Linen cloth and coffee in the hall
Eternal isolation in a stall

Sometimes we're in need of
feasts and common prayer
But slaves of stiff liturgy
often fail to care
We should be more social,
preaching, working, helping those that crawl
Not be isolated in a stall!

Death of individuals
Two millenniums of a private ball
I am isolated in a stall
I am isolated in a stall
Help me God to sanctify the stall

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1998 Jemima & Carl-Henrik Hammarlund. All rights reserved.