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Our names are Jemima, Carl-Henrik, Isak, Lydia and Adam Hammarlund, and we are a Swedish Christian family. Jemima and Carl-Henrik were born, respectively, April 3rd and March 30th 1978. Jemima's name was Fröjmark back then. They met 7/9 2000, fell in love and became a couple about a month later. They were engaged on New Years Day (Date: 010101, time: 01:01), and married 16/6 2001 in Valla Church in the island Tjörn. Pictures from the wedding can be seen here. Isak was born September 10 2003, Lydia was born January 28 2005 and Adam was born October 11 2006.

Presently we live on a very small island (about 3 kms square) called Lilla Askerön. Lilla Askerön lies just north of Tjörn.

Read more about us in our personal pages!

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Do you want to contact us? Our addresses are: (Jemima) and (Carl-Henrik).

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My beloved is gone down into his garden, to the beds of spices,
to feed in the gardens, and to gather lilies.

(Song of Solomon 6:2)

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