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Jemima March 12 2005


Short About Me:

My name is Jemima Hammarlund and I'm a Christian Biologist. I have a wonderful husband, Carl-Henrik, whom I love very much, and three wonderful children, Isak, Lydia and Adam, who I also love very much.

Me, Carl-Henrik, Isak, Lydia and Adam

I was born 1978 near Uddevalla, a town about 80 kilometres north of Göteborg. Göteborg, or Gothenburg, is Sweden's second biggest city (see map). When I was one year old we moved to a very small island called Lilla Askerön.
When I was 13 years old we moved to Orust, another island (much bigger than Lilla Askerön though, actually it is Sweden's third biggest). My parents still live there, but I moved to Göteborg when I was 19. There I met Carl-Henrik after three years. We were married when we were 23 and I moved back to Lilla Askerön, to my parents' old house, with Carl-Henrik. Two years later Isak was born and another 16 months later came Lydia. Finally came Adam, 20 months after Lydia.

Pictures of Me:

Newer Pictures
Pictures From Our Wedding
Dressed up for Ball
On a Marine Biologist Party
Events of 1999
Me, Animals and Nature
Old Pictures

About My Family:

My husband is named Carl-Henrik Andreas Hammarlund. He was born March 30, 1978 in Kalmar (south-eastern Sweden, see map). Carl-Henrik is a translator from English or Spanish to Swedish. Just let him know if you need anything translated! He is exceedingly handsome, intelligent, fun, sweet and nice. We were engaged 010101, 01:01 (1st of January, one minute past one in the night). We were married June 16, 2001. I love him a lot!

Our oldest son is named Isak Richard Andreas Hammarlund. He was born September 10, 2003 on Lilla Askerön, Sweden.

Our daughter is named Lydia Inga Maria Hammarlund. She was born January 28, 2005 on Lilla Askerön too.

Our youngest son is named Adam Hugo Mikael Hammarlund. He was born October 11, 2006, also he on Lilla Askerön.

My mother is named Angelica Fröjmark and is a retired teacher.

My father is named Lars Fröjmark and is a priest.

My oldest brother is named David Fröjmark and married to Josefine.
Their daughter is named Jessika.

My second brother is named Daniel Fröjmark and married to Elin.
Their son is named Harry.

My oldest and youngest sister is named Johanna Molander and married to Simon.

((     ))
m m

Four important truths I want the world to be aware of:

1. You do not get cramp if you swim right after you eat. It was probably a weary parent wishing their child to be calm and eat their sandwiches before bathing again who made it up.

2. Pimples do not get worse if you squeeze them. Instead they go away faster if you do. I wonder who made up the myth that pimples go away if you let them be? Probably a sadist who wanted youth to suffer. Maybe a teacher? Yeah, I bet it was.

3. Animal mothers do not abandon their young if a human touched them. If you accidentally have petted a deer kid or a hare pup for instance, it is quite okay to just leave it where you found it. In the contrary you do the baby an un-favour if you instead bring it home. The poor animal mother will get a hard time to find her baby again if you have moved it to your living room rather than letting it stay in that nice field where she hid it. Animals often leave their young during the day while they for example search for food.

4. God exists! Yes it's true, he exists, he created you and cares about you and has a lot of fun stuff planned for you in this life as well as the eternal one in Heaven. But he won't pressure you, you have to get in tough with him yourself. Do that! You won't regret it.

Don't you forget this now! Spread these truths to everyone you know, and write them in your homepage if you have one!

About Jemima in the Bible: (King James Bible)

"And he called the name of the first, Jemima; and the name of the second, Kezia; and the name of the third, Keren-Happuch. And in all the land were no women found so fair as the daughters of Job; and their father gave them inheritance among their brethren."

(Job 42:14-15)

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