23/2-06 1:29 pm

A Good day, after all

Today I finished my page. Now I have every topic I wished for when I first thought of the page. I even have a free guestbook without that much spam, how cool is that.
I am extremely pleased with my page. If only I were this ambitious when it came to my studies as well, then I would be a professor by now.
I especially like the logos used everywhere, it was fun playing around in my new program (Gimp, free download). And the icon is a cute, little wolf. Can it be any more adorable?

Yesterday I stuck at Simon the Sorcerer (it is impressive to be able to get stuck when you have finished the game three times before), and had to consult a walkthrough. Very embarrassing. It is the best game ever, though, to quote the Comic Book Guy in The Simpsons. I simply love that guy's humor.

I am ill today. Luckily I didn't have to go to the university, since I do not have any classes until Monday. My nose feels like a blocked waterfall. And my throat feels like it is filled with wet concrete. Very pleasant. Even though, I am quite happy, since I am so proud of myself for this achievement (the page, not the cold). You should have seen my other page, heh.
Besides, this page should be quite calming, since it is so much green colors on it. I have heard that green is a soothing color. Or something. Hippie-bulls**t, really, but hey, they might know what they're talking about sometimes... =)

I finished Black&White 2 the other day, that was a fenomenal game! Wow. I had a pet wolf, and he liked to be scratched on the stomach. I had to rechoose pet, because the wolf looked devastated when I didn't pick him the first time. I couldn't live with myself. I restarted the game and chose the wolf. And I won easily, becoming a very evil god in the end. Next time I will try and be good.

It is time for breakfast and some more Simon the Sorcerer. I have slept about 5-6 hours tonight, due to some nightmares and a throat filled with wet concrete, but after a cup of tea I will be just fine. Really, I will. If I say that in a very convincing way, I might even believe it.
Tataa, folks, enjoy the day.

Oh, oh, by the way! I bought green dragon slippers yesterday. They are wonderful. The dragons even have little horns on their noses. It can't get any better than that.


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