27/2-06 16:24 pm

Well, that weekend sucked

Yep, it sure did. Stomach ache, insomnia, worries, worries, worries. It was kinda tough.
Today I feel pretty fine, though. Instead of having money, wich of course I don't, I am going to try out a new concept. How about starving, just to be able to buy a Maiden ticket and a PC game? I like it!

I am excited about the Maiden concert in November. I have seen them before, but I don't think you can get enough. Besides, last time it rained pretty hard, and the concert was in a football arena, which of course didn't have a roof. And I liked it THEN. I think I will have a lot of fun in November too, then, when it is held inside.
I am not nearly as excited as my boyfriend, though. He bought four tickets, two for Stockholm, one for Gothenburg and one for Denmark. How is that for an obsession. =)

This weekend we're visiting my brother and sister-in-law in Gothenburg, and my parents on Orust (annoying island on the west coast). I am looking forward to see my cat and dog. And my relatives a bit, too...
My brother and sister-in-law have got this cute little daughter (Jessika), who simply adores Jonatan, and since the feeling is mutual, it is pretty sweet to see them together. That's the closest to having my own kids I will ever get, hopefully. Why have your own, having to deal with all the screaming and diaper-changing, when you can just borrow your siblings' kids, leaving the poop to them? Especially when you have a sister and brother-in-law who produce a new baby every year or so.

I finished Simon the Sorcerer, and started on Simon 2. Can't say it is as good as the first one yet, but maybe I will just have to grow accustomed to his ponytail and weird voice. The jokes are the same, though.

Well, I didn't have that much to say today really, so I'll see you next time. Or rather, you'll see me. Ciao.


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