16/3-06 0:29 am

So much to tell, so little (cyber)space

To me, it is still the 15th. Just so you know.
I am extremely hateful towards the city in which I unfortunately live. Most hateful am I (currently) at the so called net support. They stole our internet for a couple of days and then happily announced that there was nothing anybody could do. SO I called another net support who actually supported me. Needless to say, they were not situated in Malmo.

Good news though! The darkness of this forgotten city has lightened up a little bit by sending me and my beloved a little baby cat. She is brownish gray with the softest fur you can imagine, and she speaks very loudly (mostly when she is hungry). Her name is Gir, but we call her Gigi. There are pictures of her in the gallery.
She came to us via my parents, as she followed my father home and sat meowing on the stairs until he had to bring her in. She was ravenous and so skinny you could feel every bone in her body. She was so starved that there is no way of telling her age. Some idiot has either thrown her out or simply left her behind.
Me and my boyfriend, who just happened to be visiting my parents at that point, took her with us. First she ate so much she nearly exploded, and then she got the diarrhea, so we put her on a rice-and-chicken diet. One spoonful five times a day. Now her stomach is better, and she seems healthy and happy. She also never stops following us around, very eagerly when we approach the kitchen.

That's the main news right now, I am very happy about our little girl, who is actually more my boyfriend's girl, since it is his birthday tomorrow. Happy birthday in advance, love!


Johanna Fröjmark 2006, storyamma@hotmail.com