10/5-06 6:31 pm

It must have been terrible for them!

Quoted from Simon the Sorcerer 2, delivered with a horrible British accent.
Well sorr-y, but you British people really speak like you have a corkscrew instead of a tongue.
Ah well, I am just envious because I can't copy it.

I am in a dark mood, and I feel very lonely. I have moved from Malmö, and even though I do not miss the city, I truly miss what I had to leave there. Can't believe it has happened again... me, fail? Only every time I believe in something... I screw everything up. It's a tough job, but someone's gotta do it, as a certain English gentleman would have put it...

I was in Stockholm over the weekend, that was very pleasant. Met some good friends, had some wine in a sunny park and spent time with my beautiful, lovely cousin.
After Stockholm I visited my grandmother, and then my sister and brother-in-law who had a visitor from England (hence all the references to British). That was probably just as nice as Stockholm, playing board games and talking a lot of garbage (oh sorry, "rubbish").

Therefore I am feeling pretty ok being in this terrible state. You may refer to me as Queen of Confusion.


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