11/05-06 12:30 pm

About sex

Sex is a very interesting subject, and there's really a lot to write about it. I found an old diary I wrote a few years ago, and it was so fitting that I have to write it here too.

Sex is an entertainment between two (or three, or four or seventeen, you never know nowadays) persons who have met and realized that the other one is of the opposite (or not opposite, you never know that nowadays either) sex, and then got stuck on that particular word "sex", and never really gotten rid of it since, and finally become so totally narrow minded due to that word that they never think of anything else, and after thinking about it for X hours decided to immediately find out the source of that word on the other person (or persons).
Afterwards they wake up a few hours later, realizing that they've been so drunk that they have forgotten what that word was again, and they walk outside staring dumbfoundedly around until they meet a new person and start thinking about the word again. And it all goes on, and on, and on...

Then there are the people who suffer from constant amnesia and therefore need a constant partner of the opposite (or not) sex to constantly remind themselves about that word.
But those people wrap the word up in other nice words so that the other person won't realize that they suffer from the amnesia, despite the fact that the other person really also suffers from it. And they can go around for years before they realize the truth about each other, and then they get so embarrassed that they immediately leave each other and go out to find a new, unsuspecting victim.
And it all goes on, and on, and on...

Then there are those who desperately try to find someone who can explain the word to them, but have realized that there really aren't anybody who seems to know, and they stay in loneliness and examine the subject single handedly (pun intended).

And everything is based on just one small word that crawls into people's minds and makes them even more stupid than they really should be to follow a normal standard.
Sex is good. If you feel that you're suffering from too high an IQ, you just have to go out and find a person of the opposite (or not) sex, and then think about that word for a little while. Then it'll solve itself.


Johanna Fröjmark 2006, storyamma@hotmail.com