21/5-06 1:07 pm

Hard Rock Hallelujah!

Damn straight the right song won! Gawd, that was awsome! Never been so excited in my whole life. I followed every second of the voting (AND voted myself, so Sweden gave a 12 to Finland, thanks to meeeeeee!), and screamed my lungs off whenever they got a 12. In your FACE Russia! In your FACE, pop morons! A new era has begun, FINALLY we are recognized as we deserve! FINALLY all the world will realize that the rockers rule the WORLD!! MUAHHAHHAAAAA!!!!
Never been so happy. Lordi deserves every second of the fame they will get. Besides, they are pretty hot, all of them... =)

Anyway. Correct song won, whatever the stupid magazines may have to say about it.


Johanna Fröjmark 2006, storyamma@hotmail.com