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Addition to unnecessary knowledge:

Name: Johanna Fröjmark
Called: Yamma
Age: Born -83
Location: Stockholm
Favorite non-colour: Black
Eat: Yes. I like chicken.
Drinks: Yes, that too. Coke. And beer. Not mixed together.
Thinks: A lot about a lot (feminists are silly, Sweden is uncultural, religion is interesting, politics should be blue and like teachers)
Occupation: Student at the University of Stockholm (and working extra as nanny)
Wish to become: Ruler of worlds
Will become: College teacher
Am: Too intelligent, multilingual and hilarious for my own good (and oh so humble).
Like: Predator, Uruk Hai, computer games (totally incomplete list follows), movies (even more incomplete list follows), books (an actually pretty complete list follows), music (okey, this list is more incomplete than the word list of Word), comic books (yeah yeah, there'll be a list and it'll be incomplete) summer, animals (all… and I mean ALL), my beautiful laptop, RPG's, cars (especially mine) and pleasant surprises.
Dislikes: Idiotic/annoying/stupid/obnoxious people (unfortunately they inhabit a major part of the world, and some of them actually rule whole countries), broken things, musts, mornings and unpleasant surprises.

General boasting: I speak (and write) Swedish, German, English, Italian (used to speak, at least), Latin (ahem), Stockholmish (or my friends wouldn't understand me) and Gothenburgish ('cause it sounds fun)

Lists of what I like (whithout any kind of structure at all):

Computer games:
Doom 1, 2 o 3
Black & White 2
Simon the Sorcerer
Battle for Middle Earth
Black Mirror
CSI 1, 2 and Miami

The Fellowship of the Ring
Ace Ventura 1 o 2
Liar Liar
The Grinch
Star Wars (except from no. 1, 2 and 3)
Highlander 1, 2 o 3 (nostalgia: my first love was Clancy Brown)
Predator 1 o 2 (AvP was good… if you removed the story, the actors, the place and the surroundings)

Ender’s Game, Speaker for the Dead, Xenocide, Children of the Mind (Orson Scott Card)
Animal Farm and 1984 (George Orwell)
Der Richter und sein Henker (F. Dürrenmatt)
Drei Männer im Schnee (Erich Kästner)
The Chronicles of Narnia (C. S. Lewis)
The Fellowship of the Ring (J. R. R. Tolkien) – samt parodierna av A. R. R. R. Roberts
Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (Douglas Adams)
Discworld series (Terry Pratchett)
Predator: Cold War and Concrete Jungle (Nathan Archer)

Lordi, Umbra et Imago, Rammstein, Daargard, BlutEngel, Dominion, Twisted Sister, Judas Priest, Mortiis, Finntroll, Sepultura, Thyrfing, Borknagar, Summoning, Entombed, Hypocrisy, Windir, Vampiria, Soknardal, Asgaroth, Raventhrone, Suicide Commando, Deathstars, Dark Tranquility, Ensiferum, Epica, Macbeth, Vanitas, Moonsorrow, Moonspell, Tristania, Tidfall, Thyrfing och Immortal.

Gary Moore, Helloween, Iron Maiden, Motley Crue, Motorhead, Manowar, Skid Row, Desperados, OnkelTom, Sodom, Six Feet Under, Stratovarius, Iron Savior, Annihilator, Megadeth, Rainbow och Ozzy.

Apart from these I like Astrid Lindgrens Vargsången and Mio min Mio, Loreena McKennit, Garmarna, One More Time and Weird Al Yankovic. Yes, at times I do feel slightly schizofrenic.

Comic books:
Predator: all there are
Johnny the Homicidal Maniac: all there are (by Jhonen Vasquez)
MAD: From the 70s-80s
Asterix: all
The Smurfs: all
Tintin: a few, I tire fast
Donald Duck: 70s-80s
Superduck: most of them

Congratulations, now you know a microscopical part of me.

© Johanna Fröjmark 2006, storyamma@hotmail.com