Who is David Fröjmark??

David Fröjmark. 
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Yes, who am I? Good question. Any more?? ;-D
Well, my name is (as some of you brighter dudes may already have realized) David Fröjmark. I was born 1973 in Threesmilecastle in Skåne (in southern Sweden). I am by birth 5/8 german and 3/8 swedish. My father Lars is a Gotlander and my mother Angelica is a teacher. I have three younger siblings, Daniel (1975), Jemima (1978) and Johanna (1983). I like them very much. Nowadays I reside in Hookplains in Mölndal outside Gothenburg, together with my beautiful wife Josefine. We were married 1991 anno Domini, 18 years old. OK. So what do I do for a living? Well, I am a full-time programmer at Eniac Data AB in Gothenburg. Programming is what I like the most, apart from Josefine, computer games, food etc. I am actually a qualified programmer. I have a master degree in Computer science. I studied at the University of Gothenburg.

I am also a full-time christian (at least I try). I am a member of the swedish lutheran church. I try to visit church regulary. I believe God is there and waits for me every sunday (and every day).

My non-computer- and non-Josefine-related interests are few: Be with friends, be with foes, ridicule the army, engage in vivid discussions about absurd theological issues, engage in vivid discussions about anything, play games, create mathematical and logical quizzes, solve such quizzes, read books and magazines, make up incredibly complicated rules for otherwise pretty simple games, etc.

When I am mot doing anything of above, I write weird stories. Some of my not so weird stories are presented on our story page. What is most important for me, both when I am writing and when I am not, is to enjoy and make the best of any situation. As I use to say - keep mad and be happy. Good laughs and ingenious smilies prolongs life (8^] ).

My geek code:

GCS/M d- s++:- a-->- C++$ US P L !E W+ N o? K? w-- O+ !M !V !PS PE Y PGP-- t++ 5 X+ R tv+ b++ !DI D++ G>++ e+++(*) h--- r+++ y+++