David Fröjmark

David Fröjmark. 
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Born: 1973, March 2
Sex: Male
Wife: Josefine
Weight: 85 kg
Length: 190 cm
Speed*: 30 km/h
0 - 100 km/h*: 2.83 s
Fingers: only 10
Email: david@frojmark.net or david.frojmark@eniac.se (at work) Geek class: GCS/M
Home planet: Earth (class M)
Favourite food: Spaghetti w. meat sauce
Favourite book(s): Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy
Favourite Windows 95 API call: ExitWindowsEx
Favourite DOS command: echo David rules
Favourite comic: Donald Duck
Favourite movie: Spaceballs
Favourite game: Master of Orion
Best male friend: Per S Abrahamsson
Best female friend: Anneli Nygård**

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*) Personal maximum so far (no vehicle). The acceleration has been extrapolated.
**) Not counting Josefine (obv.).